Monday, 17 June 2013

Hello! Sorry I dont post on here any more. Im working on a new website which will launch at the end of summer.

Thought I would pop by to tell you I'm teaching an 'Introduction to Raw Chocolate' workshop on July 13th. Get your tickets here!

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Hello Blog fans!!!!!

 It has been a while. I have been in California, lucky enough to soak up some sunshine (wish I was still there- this weather is crazy)!

 I was totally inspired by the Raw food over there. I knew I would be. Not to mention the stunning coastline and energy of the people.

 I would like to take his opportunity to let you all know what is happening in my world.

This website will soon disappear, in the next month or rwo. A brand new website will be launched.

I will know longer be 'Coxeter's Fayre" but simply me- 'Launette'.

On my new site you should expect recipes, videos, workshop information and generally, a peek inside my world. Any of you who know me, will know my world is filled with music and chocolate (mostly)!

I hope to share this space with some like minded individuals, learning from each other, expanding our knowledge, inspiring people to live a greener, more wholesome and happy life! There will be amazing tunes, beautiful colours and delicious dishes....