Saturday, 26 February 2011

Today I am soaking my nuts!!!!!!!

Im soaking raw Walnuts and Hazelnuts in warm water and pink salt, for around 7 hours. This releases the enzyme inhibitors and makes them more digestible. I will then coat them in Maple syrup and dehydrate them.......

Along with the nuts, Im also soaking some Buckwheat, which I will then blend with some banana and dehydrate the mixture in little muffin moulds.

Simplicity. Always best.


Thursday, 3 February 2011

Hello Friends!

I have been absent for a while- Sorry! I recently spent just over two weeks in South East Asia....tasting the delights of the local Cuisine- Mainly Durian, both fresh and deep fried! Yes- Naughty but exceptionally delicious! Also enjoying the warm climate, lush greenery.

I am now back and raring to go!

I am now taking orders for Valentines day! I have my special rose flavoured chocolates (4 heart shaped chocolates topped with rose petals, in a sweet little box, £5.50) I also have the usual large heart shaped chocolates in a box in the following flavours:
Peppermint, Goji & Coconut, Orange & Buckwheat crunch(3.50)