Thursday, 31 May 2012

woohoo! I recently did a chocolate 'exchange' with the fabulous Gnosis chocolate company in USA. I have been admiring the website for ages, lusting after all thier genius flavour combinations and awesome packaging. They sent me a selection- all of which were great., particuarly thier "Originib" bars.

I just recieved a wonderful email from them, giving me feedback. The only bit that is dissapointing is the Rose chocolate feedback- I think the coconut oil may have gone bad in the heat, whilst in transit :-(

Hi Laura,

We were all very excited to receive your chocolates today!!

First off, we were all very impressed when we opened the boxes to see that the chocolates arrived beautifully intact!  In extremely hot weather, we typically include insulation for fear that our chocolate will melt, and with the heat we've been having this week, we were very happy to see the hearts unmelted.  Vanessa also loves your packaging!

The first ones we opened were the Mint and Raspberry ones.  They are gorgeous!  We work with natural colors, so we know how hard it is to blend cacao butter with powders, but yours look perfect.  I liked these two a lot; there was a nice sweetness to balance out the butter, and I thought they really complemented the chocolate.  The other chocolates were very nice, too.  The sour cherry (which was very sour) balanced nicely with the chocolate.  The smokey flavor was a bit intense, but enjoyable and unique in chocolate.  One of our Team members, Siobhan, LOVED the chai orange one!! 

The only one we did not enjoy was the rose one.  There was a funky, almost fishy flavor to it.  We are wondering if maybe one of your ingredients has gone bad. 

Thank you again so much!!  This was a lot of fun to "trade" chocolates.  Keep up the good work! :o)

Hello Blog fans!

Right. I now have SEVERAL workshop dates booked in, hurry up and secure your place- they are getting booked up fast!

Im doing two, 2 hour workshops at The Gocery in Kingsland road. Its such a lovely shop/cafe and the perfect space to have an intimate group workshop- exploring the exciting world of Raw chocolate. As it is only a 2 hour session, we will be going over the basics. you will all get to feast on delicious treats and take some home with you too! The cost is just £35. It starts at 7pm and finishes at 9pm. email to book!

The other workshops I am teaching are at The delightful kitchen at Mother Earth in Newington green. In this 4 hour workshop, we will go over a few chocolate recipes, you will all get hands on and stuck in! There will also be a light lunch, hopefully in the garden if the weather is kind to us!
The price of this workshop is £75.

Dates are:  11th June and 2nd July at The Grocery
                  17th, 24th June and 1st July at Mother Earth

Monday, 21 May 2012

Workshops! Coming up- in East London. More dates to be announced soon!

Monday, 14 May 2012

WILD Cacao!

I experimented with Wild Balinese Cacao a couple of weeks ago. It has a very unusual 'smoky' flavour. I decided to team it with Almonds, Figs and Chai. (I used Cinnamon bark oil and Nutmeg oil, as well as sweet Orange)
 I think this is my favourite chocolate flavour to date! It has such a rich, complex flavour (I love Chai spices) The Figs and Almonds give a really nice texture.
I do believe Wild crafted Cacao to be better nutritionally, as well as being the most likely 'Truly Raw' Cacao.
 I shall be adding this to my repertoire and making it reguarly. People have been asking for more.........and MORE!