Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Some things I made earlier............. Want one?

Rose creams! Selling boxes of 4!

Monday, 29 November 2010

Been busy in the kitchen today making Mini Xmas puddings, coated in chocolate, heart- shaped Rose creams and chocolate covered, heart -shaped ginger nuts.
Come and get them! I shall be selling at The Social Xmas market(5 Little Portland street) this saturday 4th, 1pm-6pm and Sunday Upmarket, Truman Brewery.
David Shrigley will be amongst the other stall holders on saturday. He will be signing & selling prints!!!

I have even bought red & white gingham ribbon, to make your purchases even more gift-y and festive! Woop!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Sorry to bother you but-

A little market research is in order. Im working on re-branding and need to prepare a press release. If you could email me some answers to the following questions- You could win some festive goodies! I will pick a winner at random-so be sure to put your details in the message!

1. How would you describe what I (Laura Coxeter) do?
2.How would you describe Coxeter's Fayre, in terms of -Confectionery/Raw/health brand/luxury brand?
3.What is important to you when you are choosing a gift- eg. Price/packaging?
4.Does colourful packaging draw you in or do you prefer simple/minimal design?
5. Do you like to see the actual product-Cellophane/clear windows/wrapping?
6. Does the fact that my product is free from pesticides/chemicals ,g.m.o's matter to you? Scale of 1-5(1 being least)
7.Are you prepared to pay more for luxury packaging? Even if it is for yourself and not a gift?
8.Would you buy one of my chocolates as a gift or generally as a chocolate "snack' instead of an unhealthy chocolate choice?
9.Is biodegradable/recycled packaging important to you?
10. Are you prepared to pay more for health-boosting superfood ingredients?
11. Is the above important to you?
12.Please tell me your top 3 favourite chocolates
13. Please tell me your top 3 favourite packaging designs.
14. Are you put off by too much information on packaging?


Greetings Blog fans!

Today I made some Ginger nuts! I started out making the old Blondie recipe and added extra ginger (a good winter warmer) and it turned out lovely...like a moist, crumbly biscuit (Heart shaped of course)
I shall be selling these the weekend after next at Broadway market, Sunday Up market and the Christmas Fair at The Social (Little Portland street, 1pm-6pm on saturday 4th).
I may even give out the recipe as a christmas gift to you all, in the next couple of weeks, once I have perfected measurements etc...Im eating one now, with a cup of Reishi/Goji tea (to fight off the nasty bug going around)

Today I have been listening to Jim Sullivan's album- UFO. It's simply lovely...heard it playing in a record shop in soho yesterday and had to get it.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Sorry I have been a bit absent of late.

I am waiting to hear about a new kitchen space that I hope to move into, with my friend Shaun, who makes the nut bars. It is an empty shell and will need totally kitting out...quite exciting but also daunting! Incidentally- If YOU or anyone you know who is a small scale caterer/food producer looking to rent a kitchen space, please get in touch- we have space for others to share our dream kitchen!

I have also started working on re-branding and so have been busy with that. New design/packaging/website/stockists......

I am supplying chocolates for this-

It is an amazing weekly supper club, serving a totally raw, vegan, African inspired menu, in an intimate setting in the heart of Shoreditch.....
Book now, limited places!

Just a quick note to say I will NOT be in Broadway market this coming Saturday (13th) but resume back to normal on 20th.
I will also have a stall at The Mildmay christmas market on December 9th.
The Mildmay club- 34 Newington green. N16 9PR. 7PM-11PM.
A festive craft fair filled with music, mistletoe and merriment! I am also going to be trading at Sunday upmarket from the 5th


Monday, 25 October 2010

Im off to Germany for a mini tour with Gaggle today. I have packed a BIG bag of things like Kale chips, pollen, Chocolate spread mixed with Maca and Suma, Crackers, Greens powders and Medicinal mushroom powders & tea....
Phew. Im looking forward to seeing new places and searching out some proper sauerkraut!!!!!

In other news......Im trading at Broadway market every saturday now. Im in the new part of the market, in the school playground, from 10-5. Come and see me, I have lots of lovely things for you to try and there some lovely stalls around me, homemade chutney, Clothing, home wares etc etc etc...Raid your piggy bank and come SPEND!!!!!!!


Monday, 11 October 2010

Aah, my camera broke, Im hoping someone got a photo of the cake at the birthday lunch......fingers crossed. It was DELICIOUS, If I may say so myself!

Just to let you all know, Im going to be trading at Broadway market every week, from this coming saturday! Come and say hello!!!! I shall have plenty of divine delectables for you to sample!

Monday, 4 October 2010

This week I'm going to make a birthday cake for a friend. It is going to be an Almond/Lucuma/date/coconut cake with chopped apricots and vanilla. I am going to colour it with beetroot powder to make it Fuschia pink. Im then going to frost it with an avocado/cacao mixture and decorate with rose petals.
Pictures to follow.....


Monday, 27 September 2010

Feedback from a happy customer....!


I just wanted to drop an email to you to say how fantastic I think your chocolates are! A friend gave me some samples when she found out that I can not eat gluten, dairy or sugar. I have been a vegetarian and healthy eater all my life but had pretty much resigned to a life of no tasty chocolates (even though I am a bit of a chocoholic) when I discovered your food. I had the handmade truffles and they blew me away! I can't believe how good they taste! Keep up the good work making such fantastic products. I will be sure to tell everyone I know about them, and keep buying them myself.

I also wanted to add that I work as a freelance illustrator, and if you ever wanted any design illustrations/leaflets/promotion images I would be delighted to do these for you free of charge as I think your products are so brilliant! All my work is produced by hand, and I usually work in black pen ink. Here is a link to my illustration site should you be curious...

All the best,

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Just to let you guys know-

I will be trading every saturday in Broadway market, London Fields, from October 16th!


Thursday, 26 August 2010

Midnight feast.......

Hey. I know it's wrong, but its raining outside and I wanted a 'hug from food'. My Raw version of coco pops or something....

Buckwheat, sprouted and dehydrated
Carob powder
Nut/Seed mylk
A bowl
A spoon

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

My Friend Rob just came for dinner.....He brought me Russian Kale, baby cucumbers, the SWEETEST tomatoes and Rainbow chard-from his vegetable patch!

Thank you Rob....!!!!!!!!

Tonight I shall attempt an Indian inspired ice cream. Photos to follow....

2 cups frozen mango
1 cup avocado
1/2 cup coconut oil
Teaspoon cardamon
tbs raw honey

blend it all up and set in the freezer, serve with pistachios and rose petals...

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Just to let you know.........

I am currently working towards new packaging. Im surrounded by samples and am trying to work out the best option....Nightmare!

I am doing a stall at this years Festival of life at Conway Hall

My brownies will be stocked at the farm shop at Plaw Hatch Farm from september.

I also have a few new stockists in East London in the pipeline, and soon hope to be trading in Broadway market.

Breakfast ice cream.......

Blend a frozen banana with a teaspoon of raw honey, 1 tsp maca, sprinkle of vanilla powder and a drizzle of water
(I added reishi mushroom powder, soya lecithin and heaped teaspoon of green superfood powder)

Serve with buckwheaties (soaked & Dehydrated buckwheat)


Thursday, 5 August 2010

I had to share this recipe with you.......

I went to see a friend yesterday and she made such a delicious, yet simple meal for us.......

Blended frozen bananas to make ice cream (believe me, sounds simple but beats any dairy ice cream I ever had)

Served with these crackers. I am sure she wont mind me giving this recipe. I just made a batch and they are great, either as a cracker for puddings or broken up and served as a granola.

7 cups Soaked buckwheat
6 bananas
fresh ginger to taste
pinch salt
4 cups of cubed pinapple

Blend everything except the buckwheat.
Stir in the buckwheat, pour onto a dehydrator tray and dry overnight...

Im off to use a new kitchen tomorrow, with my two pals, Shaun (who makes the yummy Nut bars) and Natalie, who makes the amazing avocado smoothies-

Monday, 2 August 2010

Bee Bonanza photos!

Saturday, 31 July 2010

I am a busy bee making honey and mulberry chocolates for tomorrow's BEE BONANZA!!!
I will be doing a chocolate demo at 12.30...Come and learn all about natural bee keeping and much more!


Monday, 12 July 2010

I always loved Ice cream........

Tonight I got home from Bikram at around 11.45pm....and decided to make Ice-cream.
I have friends coming over for dinner this week. I plan to do a raw Pad Thai. For desert I was going to be lazy and buy Booja booja, but no. I just made some myself.

Simply blend cashews/macadamia nuts and water with sweetener (I used Yacon syrup) and a little vanilla. Blend till smooth and pour into a tuppaware and freeze. Yum.

Try adding mulberries & honey, Goji berries & coconut, Lucuma & mulberries, peppermint oil, barley grass & cacao nibs or perhaps fresh strawberries...endless ideas....Have fun.


Monday, 21 June 2010


Is for Monday and....

Fresh Maggots
Mellow Yellow
New Mop
My new bike
Mason jars

I have moved house. It is infested with moths. I am busy unpacking boxes of books, jars of foodie things, random objects and treasures.....

I bought a smashing new bike, it has a basket...and a bell that rings.....and things to make it look good....

I also have a new mop......Just need a new bucket......

Made some Hemp Mylk today. I also made some Greeeen flax crackers night before last. Rough recipe:

5 cups ground flax
2 cup spinach
1 cup olive oil
juice of 1 lemon
1 cup spirulina/barleygrass
1 cup miso
splash of namu shoyu
splash of Apple cider vinegar
2 tablespoons reishi mushroom
1 cup Kalamata olives

Blend it all up, spread on a dehydrator sheet, dehydrate for 48 hours

........Spread them with avocado and top with alfalfa sprouts. yes.

I am doing a chocolate demo here:


Raw Chocolate Demo with Laura Coxeter
Sunday 4 July 2-4 pm

In this workshop, you will learn about the nutritional benefits and wonder of raw, vegan chocolate. Laura will be making chocolates, truffles and will show you how to make other fantastic raw vegan desserts. There will be an opportunity to sample all the desserts free of dairy, sugar, gluten and soya. This demo will open up a whole world of super foods and healthy decadent treats and show you it’s possible to go home and make these things for yourself and be creative using pretty moulds and decorating techniques.

Places are limited so please book by e-mailing your full name and mobile number to TestBedBeaconsfield@googlemail.com including the workshop title in the subject heading.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Hello Friends!

I am now stocked at the lovely Kitchen Apothecary in Kensal Rise! A nice little shop that sells health foods, supplements and they also have therapy rooms.....68 Chamberlayne Road, opp. Kensal Rise station.

I have been a little absent from the blog lately. Busy with my fortnightly club event on a boat-
'Je Thames'. The next one is on 30th May- It is called 'Ladies on the Thames' and will feature many amazing female acts and d.j's. Kicks off at 3pm and is on 'Wilfred', moored by Temple station.

I made chocolate anchors for the event last weekend, they 'went down' (ahem) very well! I used Raw honey instead of Agave.

Im very fond of sun dried tomatoes at the moment. Could they take over from Sauerkraut??!!!

Other random (non-food related) news- I saw an amazing film last night at The BFI, Called 'Season of the Witch". Starring Julie Driscoll with a soundtrack by Brian Auger. It was fabulous, Colour too. A visual/audio treat! She is my new Idol!

I shall be heading to this on saturday, Kate Wood is speaking and there will be nice food and a chance to network and meet new people:

Thursday, 6 May 2010

Chocolate making demo! Earth natural foods, Kentish town! Monday 17th May. 8.15- 10.00pm

Please contact the shop to book tickets! £10 per person, places limited!

Earth Natural: 020 7482 2211

Friday, 16 April 2010

Now you can buy my goods from:

Bumblebee- Kentish town
VX-Kings cross
Earth natural foods-Kentish town
Peppercorns-West Hampstead
Portobello wholefoods- Notting Hill
Sesame-Primrose Hill
Vegan Routes-Brewer street
Spitalfields Organics-Commercial street
The Grocer-Kingsland road
Food for all-Stoke Newington
Organic and natural-Clapton
In-Joy Organics-Kensington High street
Shop on the hill-Brockley

Coming soon to Bloomsbury, Brick Lane, Clerkenwell and Kensal Rise and Broadway Market.....

Come and see me at Plaw Hatch biodynamic farm next saturday (24th) Forest Row, I shall have a stal selling all manner of tarts, cakes, chocolates and savoury goods.

Nowhere local to you? Ask your local health food shop/deli to contact me about stocking my goods!!!

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Got a new recipe book last week- 'Sweet Gratitude', from the famous Cafe Gratitude, San Francisco!
EVERY page makes me drool, I cant wait to try some of the ideas out, tweaking them and making them my own along the way...(It arrived in the post last week, mid-juice/liver cleanse, Torture!)

Had a DIVINE lunch from Rainforest Creations after my Bikram class earlier, they are a great little company, making caribbean inspired raw food. They have stalls all over London, I visited them at Spitalfields market today. Tasty salads and great Sprouted chickpea Houmous. Plan to try and go to their new shop, on Portobello road on friday.......Bliss x

Busy week ahead, making, delivering, flat hunting and Gaggling,
Also going to the theatre with my lovely Rawie actress friend A.J , Dining at Saf on thursday with another friend and going to see the 'Quilts' exhibition at the V&A on friday....Phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lucky me!

Am also busy planning My new club night- 'Je Thames', a fortnightly event, on a boat on the Thames. See- http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=112106112148853&ref=ts
Am most excited about the 'Folk you' event on the 16th May, many exciting performers TBA!

I shall be sampling my products at 'Organic and Natural' in Clapton on saturday lunchtime, if you are in the area, come and have a nibble and say hello....x

Thursday, 8 April 2010

I am doing a Raw chocolate makimg demo.....at Earth Natural foods, in Kentish town. May 17th. 8.15-10pm. Places are limited to 10. Tickets cost just £10. Please contact the shop for more info.

Am planning LOTS of exciting recipes for the festival at Plaw Hatch farm on the 24th April and Wild heart gathering 30th may. yum..............................x

Monday, 5 April 2010

Hoorah!!!! My brother is sending over some freeze dried Durian from Singapore! That means, in about 3 weeks, I shall be experimenting with it to make some chocolates. I imagine they will be like Crunchie bars, only little chocolates. If you have never tried freeze dried Durian, it is like honeycomb, but Durian flavour! Wow!
I am having a week off from chocolate, I am doing a juice feast, so all plans need to be jotted down and hidden, so I don't keep thinking Chocolate! However, next week, I plan to make more rose and pistachio hearts, as they were very popular. I also have several new stockists. I will list them all in the coming weeks, along with tasting days and other dates for your diaries.

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

These are my Pecan Caramel 'Turtles'. I think 'Turtles' are an American thing. Anyway, I had some Pecans and wanted to make something a bit different for easter. So, they will be available for the next couple of weeks....They are very decadent, went down well with the Gaggle girls at rehearsal tonight...!

I did the catering for the Doug Graham event at The Orassy last saturday. It went very well. Janice and I made courgette and squash 'pasta' with tomato sauce and sunflower seed pate, followed by an amazing fruit salad, served in sundae glasses, with my version of 'Angel delight', decorated with rose petals and fresh mint.....(photos coming)
The next one will be mid April, the guest speaker will be Kate Magic. Janice and I will be 'un-cooking' up a storm, our creative juices are very much flowing for this one. Details of the event will follow shortly.

On April 24th, I will also be selling my wares at a one day festival at Plaw hatch Biodynamic farm, Forest Row, Sussex. I think it will be a lovely day, with talks and tours and plenty of amazing produce on sale. It is a truly inspiring place! Contact me if you would like more details!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Here is the birthday cake I made Deborah, chief Gaggle. It's her 30th. The cake is a double layer chocolate Raspberry Ganache decorated with berries and cacao nibs. Yum.

Other exciting news: A new Vegan shop/cafe in Kings cross! Yippee!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Summer is coming!!!! Yippee!!!

I shall be doing the catering at these events. The next one is on the 27th march

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Am planning on going to this (as a customer, not trading)

Should be a good day out...

Other news.....Been busy making samples for a very exciting new acquaintance, possible new stockist. Watch this space! Also prepping for the Victoria Boutenko event on saturday, it has sold out now. Doing a Moroccan tagine..yum.

Been eating lots of sauerkraut (STILL!), chocolate (of course!) and kelp noodles and pesto...yum. Still hooked on Bikram. Loving it. Trying to go 3 times a week.

Check this out: Im running the raw food stall with my good pal Peter...:

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Rose and Pistachio hearts...A divine combination of creamy cacao butter and coconut butter, Lucuma, pure rose oil and pieces of pistachio. Go get em'! They are at Spitalfields Organic and The Grocer, Kingsland road!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Spent a lovely 24 hours in Brighton. Had a lovely meal made by my good friend Alex(Cauliflower 'cheese', green salad, tomato dip & 4 different types of cracker!,) went to a concert, learned about 'Shaking' and we even had a dip in the sea..Wow!!!! Invigorating!

Im on a Sauerkraut binge......The 'BioNova' brand is raw!!!!!

Still loving Bikram, bought some lovely new yoga gear today...I am also trying to read several books at once which is quite 'challenging'.

I have a busy few days ahead, delivering and getting my new label printer set up. Gaggle have a busy week next week, playing gigs.

I am now booked to do the catering for the Victoria Boutenko event at The Orassy on the 13th. Sadly, it has sold out, but there will be 2 events a month from now, the next one is Doug Graham, giving a talk as well as a raw dinner party.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Carrot pulp 'bits'...

I made a big juice tonight and decided to save the carrot pulp. I blended some coconut chips, pumpkin seed butter, yacon syrup, cinnamon, cardamon, maca and a little water. I then mixed that in with the carrot pulp, then stirred in some goji berries. I formed little bite sized squidgy 'bits'. They are now in the dehydrator and I think I will leave them in for a day or maybe longer, till they are crisp. They might make nice cereal???? With sweetened nut mylk.....mmmmmmmmm

I cant find any nice easter chocolate moulds. I have looked. Hard. The are all a bit tacky. So, I might just do easter truffles and easter bars......They will be pretty, just not egg shaped or bunny shaped...!

In case you are interested, I am getting really into Bikram yoga. Thank you Katie, you are an inspiration...xx

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Today I will be at Daylesford Organic in Westbourne Grove, giving out samples of Dragonfly's delicious raw crackers, granola and chocolate! Come and see me!

I am now also planning Coxeter's Fayre Easter chocolates. Taking orders now for eggs, bunnies and the like....!

Friday, 12 February 2010

Last night I made a kind of 'Baklava'. I thinly sliced some apples, then layered them up with rose water- infused Yacon syrup and crushed pistachio's.....Im going to have some this morning with banana/almond/vanilla 'ice cream'.......

My Valentines rose chocolates are now in Spialfields Organic, Earth Foods and Shop on the hill.
The Vegan Routes bus in Brewer street, Soho, have just placed an order for truffles. Im going to make them today. They will be there on monday....

Gaggle have a photo shoot tomorrow. We are going to re-create our own 'Beggars Banquet'....Will post pics as soon as I have some!

Friday, 5 February 2010

Hello! Just to say I am now taking orders for Valentines day. I shall be making Rose and Maca heart shaped chocolates and heart shaped Brownies and Blondies. Please email me for further details.

Also, just to say I am now stocked in the following places:

More coming soon!!!

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Due to circumstances out of my control, I have sadly had to cancel the Valentines workshop on the 13th. Sorry to those of you who have booked tickets, a refund shall be given shortly. More will be booked in soon, watch this space!

Monday, 1 February 2010

Message from water- LOVE X

Sunday, 24 January 2010

I haven’t ‘blogged’ for ages. I realise now, one has to really want to sit down and write, one must also have plenty of interesting things to say, or share. I have also realised, that when one is busy ‘living’, its difficult to freeze time and sit to record it all on the computer.

So, the last couple of weeks have been quite busy really. Last weekend I went to visit a biodynamic farm in Forest Row, Sussex. The lovely Julia, whom I met at The Steiner school market, before Christmas, runs it. She is a raw foodist, so we sparked up a conversation there. The snow prevented me visiting the previous week. I met my mum at nearby East Grinstead and we drove through delicious countryside, quite rolling, through forest and down country lanes. There was still a considerable amount of snow and the weather was the most romantic, atmospheric I have seen in a long time. A glistening, pearlescent mist hung in the air, over frozen ponds and lakes…..

We arrived at the farm and were shown in by Julia’s sweet daughter. Julia made tea and we chatted about recipes and her raw journey. Since New Year, Julia has decided to go 100%, struggling to find balance whilst still cooking meals for her family. I listened with interest and felt how each persons relationship with raw is so different. I feel my honeymoon period has finished, whilst hers is just beginning. We swapped comfort food recipes and she gave me some of her coconut keffir culture in a little jar (I have had great fun growing it, making quite a big batch. I am now experimenting with sesame mylk keffir, watch this space)!

She showed us round the farm, it is a dairy farm with plenty of vegetables too, however, at this time of year there isn’t much to see. The cows were beautiful, they also have pigs. The farm shop is a busy little hub, serving the surrounding villages and nearby Forest Row. They sell raw dairy, vegetables, fruit (some of which is from Biodynamic farms abroad) bread, cakes…..the usual..

Julia wants to stock my brownies, as there is a thriving raw food community in the area, plus, who could resist the temptation of ‘healthy chocolate”???!

Last week I discovered a fabulous new vegan café, on an old route master bus in Brewer Street, Soho. The guys running it are very genuine and radiate great energy. I spoke to the owner and he wants samples tomorrow, of chocolate pies and chocolate spread. I have been busy all day today, developing recipes. My housemate, Claire, was more than willing to lick the spoon, as a guinea pig!

I have also just had my first orders from Spitalfields Organic in Commercial Street and De Beauvoir Deli in Hackney. Watch out for Coxeter’s Fayre goods in the next couple of weeks.

I invested in some fancy new commercial catering scales and a label printing machine last week. Oh, the little things that please....!

Gaggle are going from strength to strength. Exciting plans afoot and the imminent single launch. We were featured in The Times last week. It was a piece on the rise of the alternative choir. Those girls are so important to me. Mondays are like some kind of dysfunctional family gathering/slumber party, choral knees up. It also serves as gossip session/group therapy and a chance for us to swap our talents. Anyone for a reiki session in exchange for some raw chocolate, or a dress alteration in exchange for some legal advice?!

I have been eating lots of seasonal greens and cabbage. I try to ferment it but can never seem to wait long enough before devouring it! I have also enjoyed some lightly steamed greens and some raw Sheep’s cheese from the farm. Of course, sweet tooth ever present, I have also been devouring my own chocolates and some samples that Amy (rawlikelion) had from windmill organics. They make lovely brownies, unfortunately they use stabilised oats, but they are tasty, and not too heavy. Chia porridge is still a firm favourite, in the winter months. Soak the chia seeds overnight, then blend with Yacon, Maca and stir in goji berries and pollen. Coconut oil or flax oil makes it more luxurious. It is also lovely blended with apple and cinnamon. I made a lovely hemp mayonnaise, from Kate Wood's 'Raw Magic'. Shelled hemp seeds blended with garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and Maca. Yum.

My USA trip plans are SLOWLY coming together. I’m very excited but need to focus and work out exactly what I want to do and see in the short time I will have. I am trying to connect with the Raw community in LA and San Fran, I hope to spend some time in one or two of the restaurants, watching the chefs and what magic they are creating! I also intend on meeting and staying with some friends who live there, a couple of girls I know who are very talented and creative fashion designers. We share a love of all things 1970’s. I hope they will show me all the best thrift stores and take me on adventures in the Hills and bays of California…May re-read 'Im with the band', for a dose of trashy but evocative inspiration.


Been d.j'ing again which is fun. I love discovering all my old records. Also, went to see the new blur film "No distance left to run'. Brought back many teenage memories and also some memories of being in Strange Idols. A bit too close to Spinal Tap for comfort! Ha!

Reading-wise, I finished a pile of books at Christmas and am awaiting new inspirational reading material to come my way. Enjoying watching 'The London nobody knows' again. Getting ideas for songs and photos.

I am also planning and looking forward to doing some deep cleansing in March. I really feel the need to fast and do a liver flush. Sorry if you are reading this whilst eating dinner! Anyway, I found Barbara Wren's book 'Cellular awakening' very interesting (if a little whacky in parts). It does all make sense, however, no matter how much it reminded me, my water intake is till not good enough! Bring on warm weather. California, here I come!

Today I feel kind of, well, I don’t know, watch this. It was my soundtrack to this morning’s workout session!