Tuesday, 30 March 2010

These are my Pecan Caramel 'Turtles'. I think 'Turtles' are an American thing. Anyway, I had some Pecans and wanted to make something a bit different for easter. So, they will be available for the next couple of weeks....They are very decadent, went down well with the Gaggle girls at rehearsal tonight...!

I did the catering for the Doug Graham event at The Orassy last saturday. It went very well. Janice and I made courgette and squash 'pasta' with tomato sauce and sunflower seed pate, followed by an amazing fruit salad, served in sundae glasses, with my version of 'Angel delight', decorated with rose petals and fresh mint.....(photos coming)
The next one will be mid April, the guest speaker will be Kate Magic. Janice and I will be 'un-cooking' up a storm, our creative juices are very much flowing for this one. Details of the event will follow shortly.

On April 24th, I will also be selling my wares at a one day festival at Plaw hatch Biodynamic farm, Forest Row, Sussex. I think it will be a lovely day, with talks and tours and plenty of amazing produce on sale. It is a truly inspiring place! Contact me if you would like more details!

Friday, 19 March 2010

Here is the birthday cake I made Deborah, chief Gaggle. It's her 30th. The cake is a double layer chocolate Raspberry Ganache decorated with berries and cacao nibs. Yum.

Other exciting news: A new Vegan shop/cafe in Kings cross! Yippee!

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Summer is coming!!!! Yippee!!!

I shall be doing the catering at these events. The next one is on the 27th march

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Am planning on going to this (as a customer, not trading)

Should be a good day out...

Other news.....Been busy making samples for a very exciting new acquaintance, possible new stockist. Watch this space! Also prepping for the Victoria Boutenko event on saturday, it has sold out now. Doing a Moroccan tagine..yum.

Been eating lots of sauerkraut (STILL!), chocolate (of course!) and kelp noodles and pesto...yum. Still hooked on Bikram. Loving it. Trying to go 3 times a week.

Check this out: Im running the raw food stall with my good pal Peter...:

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Rose and Pistachio hearts...A divine combination of creamy cacao butter and coconut butter, Lucuma, pure rose oil and pieces of pistachio. Go get em'! They are at Spitalfields Organic and The Grocer, Kingsland road!

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Spent a lovely 24 hours in Brighton. Had a lovely meal made by my good friend Alex(Cauliflower 'cheese', green salad, tomato dip & 4 different types of cracker!,) went to a concert, learned about 'Shaking' and we even had a dip in the sea..Wow!!!! Invigorating!

Im on a Sauerkraut binge......The 'BioNova' brand is raw!!!!!

Still loving Bikram, bought some lovely new yoga gear today...I am also trying to read several books at once which is quite 'challenging'.

I have a busy few days ahead, delivering and getting my new label printer set up. Gaggle have a busy week next week, playing gigs.

I am now booked to do the catering for the Victoria Boutenko event at The Orassy on the 13th. Sadly, it has sold out, but there will be 2 events a month from now, the next one is Doug Graham, giving a talk as well as a raw dinner party.