Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

I hope you have all had a wonderful time. I had my first ever London Christmas. A low key affair. Lots of cooking, Watching Films and cycling through the quiet streets of Hackney!

I decided not to have a 'Raw Christmas'. Instead, I resorted to Mum's trusty copy of The Cranks cookbook. We made a nut loaf. I tweaked it a little, adding Porchini mushrooms and chestnuts. I used Spelt bread instead of Wholewheat. I also Added a layer of Cranberries to the bottom of the loaf tin.

Looking ahead to The New year- Im gearing up to start meetings with Chris, to discuss the new series of Supper clubs. We hope to hold the first one in February.

I am also thinking about making a limited edition, hand printed recipe booklet. I plan to work on this project with an Artist/Graphic designer friend of mine. He is keen to use lots of traditional Letterpress and screen printing techniques. I want delicious photography...all faded colours and gaudy vintage crockery.

Wishing you all a Peaceful, happy and healthy Festive time.

Roll on 2012!

Monday, 28 November 2011

Wow! What a response!

Wow! What a response! Im overwhelmed. I admit it was strange watching myself on T.V. I think everybody involved should be proud! It was such a fantastic experience. It seems Chris and I have inspired many viewers! I guess that is all we could ever wish for- to spread the word about nutritious gourmet food!

A few emails that I received today:

Dear Laura,
I saw your wonderful food on Hugh's programme last night, what an inspiration you are. I have already downloaded recipe for chocolate tart. I've only just found out I'm allegic to Gluten and Dairy ( and who knows what else I might be allergic to - now I've started to look!). So I was wondering if you have ANY of your lovely products available to purchase. If so could you please send me a list. Also, I note you don't use Soya and as I have been advised to use this instead of cow's milk, I wondered if you knew of a better alternative? I'm sure you're going to be madly busy after inspiring us all last night, so don't expect to hear from you for a while, but if I could buy any treats in time for Christmas that would be fantastic. I can't really thank you enough for changing the way I think about food. Overnight, I've gone from feeling incredibly negative about food thinking I might never enjoy it again to feeling that being allergic to so many things might just be the best thing that has happened to me. I can't wait to start eating food that is going to be good for me.
Kind Regards

Awesome Laura!
Please either marry me, go into business with me, cook for me, or tell me where I can buy!


Hello Laura,
Thank you for your appearance on 'River Cottage'. I was most impressed by the raw food you and Chris prepared in the show. I have always enjoyed eating raw food but Chris's food was a new dimension. Hopefully a cook book is being worked on.
I have found your website with your wonderful puddings.
I am interested in doing a work shop can you send me details please?
Is the old church your restaurant, where is it and is it open to the public ?
Thank you

Hi All
Hope you don't mind me emailing, just a quickie to say I'm not even vegetarian (anymore) but your food was inspirational on 'The Hugh Show'. Have you a book out? You should have a book out.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Coxeter's Fayre on River Cottage !!!

TONIGHT! I make my T.V Debut! Tune into Chanel 4 at 8pm, or catch it on 4OD.

My Chocolate Ganache tart recipe is also on the Chanel 4 website! Please get in touch if you make this recipe at home, I would love to hear some feedback! Photos would also be great!

Don't forget, if you are interested in hosting a chocolate making workshop for parties of between 5-20, get in touch.


Thursday, 27 October 2011

Coconut Sugar!

From now on, I will no longer be using Agave in my chocolates. I am now using Coconut sugar. I am a total convert to this ingredient. It is far superior nutritionally, as well as having a much richer, more complex flavour.

Check it out for yourself! It is very low GI and is also very Mineral rich.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Samosa time! With Chris!

Last night, Chris made samosas! We were re-creating this dish, in order to photograph it for the Chanel 4 website, where this, along with all the other featured dishes in the series, will be posted. (including my chocolate ganache tart)!

I thought I would share these photos, as they are mouth- watering and inspiring!


I have also been busy with lots of chocolate workshops lately. They are VERY KID FRIENDLY, as you can see from the photos!
If you are interested in me coming to your home/school/local cafe/health food shop- Wherever there is a table, plug point, sink and a group of keen, chocolate -loving folk! Get in touch!
Coxeter's Fayre goes to River Cottage!

Dear friends,

Im sorry. My blogs have been a bit..absent. I guess I have just been busy....! But that is a good thing, isn't it?!

Exciting things have been happening. I have been involved in the latest series of River cottage! Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall has gone VEGETARIAN for his latest series. He wanted to explore all things Veggie & I was contacted by his producer several months ago, to discuss ideas for an episode on raw food.
I decided on the idea of a Raw Vegan supper club, with the help of my friend Chris, who is a talented Vegan chef. We invited Hugh along, to help us in the kitchen, then he joined the other diners, for what I believe to be his first ever Raw vegan dining experience! You can catch all of this on Chanel 4. I THINK it is on air on the 27th November or 4th December.

A couple of weeks later, Chris and I were invited down to River Cottage HQ for a big feast, made for us by Hugh and his team of talented Chefs. It was for all the participants of the series, as a kind of summary of his last 6 months, being a vegetarian. Im so proud of what Chris and I achieved. I hope we managed to inspire Hugh, showing him what is possible with a plant based diet. I was certainly inspired by my visit to River cottage, as you can see from the snaps I took, whilst down there.

All in all, a thoroughly enjoyable experience. I wont say too much more- You will have to watch it!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

A happy workshop attendee! Aaw, this makes it all worthwhile!

"Dear Laura,

I was at your chocolate workshop this weekend at The Forge, and just wanted to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU! It was fantastic, and I am a total convert. I bought a few things from Wholefoods afterwards and made delicious chocolate on Sunday...today I've ordered stuff from Tree Harvest, I bought a hand-held blender thing and made the chocolate avocado pudding and I am loving it.

The workshop was really enjoyable and informative, and you were a really inspiring example of the raw food lifestyle as you look great, and so energetic and vivacious! I will definitely be seeing what I can incorporate into my life. I'm amazed at how much chocolate you say you eat every day and still are so slim and fit. I was wondering if you would mind giving me an idea of the sorts of things you eat in a day as well as a big slab of chocolate??"

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Chocolate making workshop at The Forge, in Camden. September 10th. 11am-2. £25. Tickets need to be booked here!


Thursday, 2 June 2011

This saturday!!!! Come to this!


My pals at Raw Delights will be selling my chocolates on their stall!


Friday, 27 May 2011

Raw Chocolate workshop!!!!!!!!

At Lumiere, Clapton.

7th August.

£20 Per person

Pay in advance via paypal or secure a place with a deposit and pay on the door

Places limited to 6! Hurry!\\ You will learn how to make Raw, vegan decadent chocolates, in the luscious surroundings of Clapton's unique 'Lumiere'- a cocktail/juice/smoothie bar with a twist!

You will be able to meet new people, enjoy delicious drinks from the vast and exciting menu and take home a sample of chocolates!

6.30-9pm. Have a night out with a difference!

email: info@coxetersfayre.co.uk

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Today I am soaking my nuts!!!!!!!

Im soaking raw Walnuts and Hazelnuts in warm water and pink salt, for around 7 hours. This releases the enzyme inhibitors and makes them more digestible. I will then coat them in Maple syrup and dehydrate them.......

Along with the nuts, Im also soaking some Buckwheat, which I will then blend with some banana and dehydrate the mixture in little muffin moulds.

Simplicity. Always best.


Thursday, 3 February 2011

Hello Friends!

I have been absent for a while- Sorry! I recently spent just over two weeks in South East Asia....tasting the delights of the local Cuisine- Mainly Durian, both fresh and deep fried! Yes- Naughty but exceptionally delicious! Also enjoying the warm climate, lush greenery.

I am now back and raring to go!

I am now taking orders for Valentines day! I have my special rose flavoured chocolates (4 heart shaped chocolates topped with rose petals, in a sweet little box, £5.50) I also have the usual large heart shaped chocolates in a box in the following flavours:
Peppermint, Goji & Coconut, Orange & Buckwheat crunch(3.50)