Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Some things I made earlier............. Want one?

Rose creams! Selling boxes of 4!

Monday, 29 November 2010

Been busy in the kitchen today making Mini Xmas puddings, coated in chocolate, heart- shaped Rose creams and chocolate covered, heart -shaped ginger nuts.
Come and get them! I shall be selling at The Social Xmas market(5 Little Portland street) this saturday 4th, 1pm-6pm and Sunday Upmarket, Truman Brewery.
David Shrigley will be amongst the other stall holders on saturday. He will be signing & selling prints!!!

I have even bought red & white gingham ribbon, to make your purchases even more gift-y and festive! Woop!

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Sorry to bother you but-

A little market research is in order. Im working on re-branding and need to prepare a press release. If you could email me some answers to the following questions- You could win some festive goodies! I will pick a winner at random-so be sure to put your details in the message!

1. How would you describe what I (Laura Coxeter) do?
2.How would you describe Coxeter's Fayre, in terms of -Confectionery/Raw/health brand/luxury brand?
3.What is important to you when you are choosing a gift- eg. Price/packaging?
4.Does colourful packaging draw you in or do you prefer simple/minimal design?
5. Do you like to see the actual product-Cellophane/clear windows/wrapping?
6. Does the fact that my product is free from pesticides/chemicals ,g.m.o's matter to you? Scale of 1-5(1 being least)
7.Are you prepared to pay more for luxury packaging? Even if it is for yourself and not a gift?
8.Would you buy one of my chocolates as a gift or generally as a chocolate "snack' instead of an unhealthy chocolate choice?
9.Is biodegradable/recycled packaging important to you?
10. Are you prepared to pay more for health-boosting superfood ingredients?
11. Is the above important to you?
12.Please tell me your top 3 favourite chocolates
13. Please tell me your top 3 favourite packaging designs.
14. Are you put off by too much information on packaging?


Greetings Blog fans!

Today I made some Ginger nuts! I started out making the old Blondie recipe and added extra ginger (a good winter warmer) and it turned out lovely...like a moist, crumbly biscuit (Heart shaped of course)
I shall be selling these the weekend after next at Broadway market, Sunday Up market and the Christmas Fair at The Social (Little Portland street, 1pm-6pm on saturday 4th).
I may even give out the recipe as a christmas gift to you all, in the next couple of weeks, once I have perfected measurements etc...Im eating one now, with a cup of Reishi/Goji tea (to fight off the nasty bug going around)

Today I have been listening to Jim Sullivan's album- UFO. It's simply lovely...heard it playing in a record shop in soho yesterday and had to get it.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Sorry I have been a bit absent of late.

I am waiting to hear about a new kitchen space that I hope to move into, with my friend Shaun, who makes the nut bars. It is an empty shell and will need totally kitting out...quite exciting but also daunting! Incidentally- If YOU or anyone you know who is a small scale caterer/food producer looking to rent a kitchen space, please get in touch- we have space for others to share our dream kitchen!

I have also started working on re-branding and so have been busy with that. New design/packaging/website/stockists......

I am supplying chocolates for this-

It is an amazing weekly supper club, serving a totally raw, vegan, African inspired menu, in an intimate setting in the heart of Shoreditch.....
Book now, limited places!

Just a quick note to say I will NOT be in Broadway market this coming Saturday (13th) but resume back to normal on 20th.
I will also have a stall at The Mildmay christmas market on December 9th.
The Mildmay club- 34 Newington green. N16 9PR. 7PM-11PM.
A festive craft fair filled with music, mistletoe and merriment! I am also going to be trading at Sunday upmarket from the 5th