Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Greetings Blog fans!

Today I made some Ginger nuts! I started out making the old Blondie recipe and added extra ginger (a good winter warmer) and it turned out a moist, crumbly biscuit (Heart shaped of course)
I shall be selling these the weekend after next at Broadway market, Sunday Up market and the Christmas Fair at The Social (Little Portland street, 1pm-6pm on saturday 4th).
I may even give out the recipe as a christmas gift to you all, in the next couple of weeks, once I have perfected measurements etc...Im eating one now, with a cup of Reishi/Goji tea (to fight off the nasty bug going around)

Today I have been listening to Jim Sullivan's album- UFO. It's simply lovely...heard it playing in a record shop in soho yesterday and had to get it.

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