Thursday, 21 June 2012

Today I am sharing a new recipe with you. I made these beauties yesterday. RUM TRUFFLES! Inspired by my good friend Kate Magic! She sells the marvellous 'Medicine flower' extracts(see link below). They come in many different flavours and I thought it would be fun to make some decadent Rum truffles, that are actually Alcohol free!

 Here goes:

In a food processor, place :

200g Raisins
300g Ground Almond
300 ml Virgin coconut oil
200g Coconut palm sugar

1 tablespoon of Vanilla extract
1 tsp Rum extract
pinch Salt, I like to use Pink Himalayan salt.

Blend until smooth

Then add

600g Raw Cacao. You may need more, depending on consistency- you want a firm dough that is easy to roll into balls

Once you have rolled the truffles, I like to roll them in Xylitol. This is a natural sweetener that is low GI and looks exactly like sugar. It looks really pretty. If you would prefer, you can dust with cacao powder.

Set in the fridge. Enjoy x

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