Sunday, 21 February 2010

Carrot pulp 'bits'...

I made a big juice tonight and decided to save the carrot pulp. I blended some coconut chips, pumpkin seed butter, yacon syrup, cinnamon, cardamon, maca and a little water. I then mixed that in with the carrot pulp, then stirred in some goji berries. I formed little bite sized squidgy 'bits'. They are now in the dehydrator and I think I will leave them in for a day or maybe longer, till they are crisp. They might make nice cereal???? With sweetened nut mylk.....mmmmmmmmm

I cant find any nice easter chocolate moulds. I have looked. Hard. The are all a bit tacky. So, I might just do easter truffles and easter bars......They will be pretty, just not egg shaped or bunny shaped...!

In case you are interested, I am getting really into Bikram yoga. Thank you Katie, you are an inspiration...xx

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