Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Spent a lovely 24 hours in Brighton. Had a lovely meal made by my good friend Alex(Cauliflower 'cheese', green salad, tomato dip & 4 different types of cracker!,) went to a concert, learned about 'Shaking' and we even had a dip in the sea..Wow!!!! Invigorating!

Im on a Sauerkraut binge......The 'BioNova' brand is raw!!!!!

Still loving Bikram, bought some lovely new yoga gear today...I am also trying to read several books at once which is quite 'challenging'.

I have a busy few days ahead, delivering and getting my new label printer set up. Gaggle have a busy week next week, playing gigs.

I am now booked to do the catering for the Victoria Boutenko event at The Orassy on the 13th. Sadly, it has sold out, but there will be 2 events a month from now, the next one is Doug Graham, giving a talk as well as a raw dinner party.

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love yours, it's so pretty :). I made my return to Bikram tonight after a year off and it felt amazing. I haven't checked out your website yet, but I'm stopping by there next.