Tuesday, 30 March 2010

These are my Pecan Caramel 'Turtles'. I think 'Turtles' are an American thing. Anyway, I had some Pecans and wanted to make something a bit different for easter. So, they will be available for the next couple of weeks....They are very decadent, went down well with the Gaggle girls at rehearsal tonight...!

I did the catering for the Doug Graham event at The Orassy last saturday. It went very well. Janice and I made courgette and squash 'pasta' with tomato sauce and sunflower seed pate, followed by an amazing fruit salad, served in sundae glasses, with my version of 'Angel delight', decorated with rose petals and fresh mint.....(photos coming)
The next one will be mid April, the guest speaker will be Kate Magic. Janice and I will be 'un-cooking' up a storm, our creative juices are very much flowing for this one. Details of the event will follow shortly.

On April 24th, I will also be selling my wares at a one day festival at Plaw hatch Biodynamic farm, Forest Row, Sussex. I think it will be a lovely day, with talks and tours and plenty of amazing produce on sale. It is a truly inspiring place! Contact me if you would like more details!

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  1. We have visited PlawHatch a few times - for the 'Raw & Wild' last year, it is such a beautiful place and they take wwoofers as well (WWOOF - Willing Workers On Organic Farms). We live on a wwoof host farm too, but with less animals! PlawHatch had made an amazing raw milk kefir, but when we went back a few weeks later it was not for sale - it was a festival special!
    Sure to see you around somewhere, sometime!
    Merryn xxx