Sunday, 11 April 2010

Got a new recipe book last week- 'Sweet Gratitude', from the famous Cafe Gratitude, San Francisco!
EVERY page makes me drool, I cant wait to try some of the ideas out, tweaking them and making them my own along the way...(It arrived in the post last week, mid-juice/liver cleanse, Torture!)

Had a DIVINE lunch from Rainforest Creations after my Bikram class earlier, they are a great little company, making caribbean inspired raw food. They have stalls all over London, I visited them at Spitalfields market today. Tasty salads and great Sprouted chickpea Houmous. Plan to try and go to their new shop, on Portobello road on friday.......Bliss x

Busy week ahead, making, delivering, flat hunting and Gaggling,
Also going to the theatre with my lovely Rawie actress friend A.J , Dining at Saf on thursday with another friend and going to see the 'Quilts' exhibition at the V&A on friday....Phew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lucky me!

Am also busy planning My new club night- 'Je Thames', a fortnightly event, on a boat on the Thames. See-
Am most excited about the 'Folk you' event on the 16th May, many exciting performers TBA!

I shall be sampling my products at 'Organic and Natural' in Clapton on saturday lunchtime, if you are in the area, come and have a nibble and say hello....x

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