Friday, 1 January 2010

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, it’s January 1st! Another year! I am excited about 2010!

Thought I would post some foodie pics from Christmas. I spent some time in France with my family, in the countryside. The weather was lovely and we had a log burning stove, an abundance of delicious food and nice, muddy walks!

Christmas lunch for me was as follows: Red cabbage. I finely chopped the cabbage and marinated it in apple cider vinegar, raw honey and cloves. I made a HUGE batch, it lasted 10 days!

I also blended some spinach, courgettes and pine nuts for a touch of green to my plate and with these I had a loaf made before I went away, with multiple layers of vegetables and flax seeds.

After this we all shared some of my raw mince pies and chocolates. I made a pumkin-less pie (we couldnt find any squash in the supermarkets)! I decorated it with goji berries, pollen and seeds.The whole festive period was full of oranges. Mum went Orange-mad, we kept buying them, we kept eating them! I also took the opportunity to purchase some lovely raw goats cheese. The French supermarkets sell an amazing selection of local, unpasteurized cheese. I don’t eat it often, but it is nice to have occasionally, however, I noticed I got a little congested after eating dairy so will try and ration it (I have 3 packets in my fridge now!)

Tomorrow I will start planning my trip to USA! I am heading to Austin Texas in March, and then plan to go on to LA and San Francisco! Woop!

Next week I am visiting friends in Brighton. An obligatory visit to Manna is in order and I am also planning to go to Plaw Hatch Farm, a biodynamic farm in Forest Row.

An early night for me tonight, once I have watched my favorite-Miss Marple

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