Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Today there is more snow in London!!!! Can you believe??!! I headed out into the crisp, white glistening powder....clad in Wellies, thick coat, hat and an empty bag.
I filled my bag with Kale at the local deli, big heads of it, quite beautiful. Its a shame people buying kale in the stupermarkets only ever see it chopped up into strips, in bags. It is a remarkable looking veg! I also bought some lemons. Guess what im making later?? Kale chips...Yee ha!
Yesterday I had a mammoth blondie/brownie making session. Im taking samples to various health food shops in the next few days. Fingers crossed!
I also have a potentially VERY exciting meeting on monday. A new Raw-related venture coming soon to Central London that I may be getting involved in...Watch this space.
I have also booked in to do a Valentines special chocolate making demo at The George tavern on the 13th Feb......More demo's and workshops in the pipeline-Watch this space!
Im off to have Lunch now (Red cabbage with apple cider vinegar and cloves, yellow pepper, alfalfa sprouts, raw goats cheese and crystal manna.
Then I have to call my new supplier, I have been recommended a fabulous co-op company to buy my Organic nuts from, the lovely Felix at The Living foods kitchen gave me some good advice yesterday over the phone. I also have found an amazing company for my new, biodegradable packaging.
Tomorrow, due to unforseen problems, my friend Amy's Raw food Q& A sessions at Planet Organic has been cancelled, so im meeting a few friends in town anyway, for a gossip and a meal. Maybe Vita Organic in Soho?
Friday I am having lunch with the beautiful, talented Rachel, then friday night is a Gaggle birthday extravaganza at The George (where else?)! Im spinning some records. I think im going to have an indulgent Acid-Folk, Prog, 70's Country session. Yeah!
Oh, and the Durian I treated myself to on monday (Deptford is blessed with an asian supermarket that always has Durian in stock) has been sitting by the radiator and should be ripe for breakfast tomorrow. I think my flatmates will be relieved once its eaten, the smell is getting pungent, they have been trying to mask it with incense!!

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