Sunday, 24 January 2010

I haven’t ‘blogged’ for ages. I realise now, one has to really want to sit down and write, one must also have plenty of interesting things to say, or share. I have also realised, that when one is busy ‘living’, its difficult to freeze time and sit to record it all on the computer.

So, the last couple of weeks have been quite busy really. Last weekend I went to visit a biodynamic farm in Forest Row, Sussex. The lovely Julia, whom I met at The Steiner school market, before Christmas, runs it. She is a raw foodist, so we sparked up a conversation there. The snow prevented me visiting the previous week. I met my mum at nearby East Grinstead and we drove through delicious countryside, quite rolling, through forest and down country lanes. There was still a considerable amount of snow and the weather was the most romantic, atmospheric I have seen in a long time. A glistening, pearlescent mist hung in the air, over frozen ponds and lakes…..

We arrived at the farm and were shown in by Julia’s sweet daughter. Julia made tea and we chatted about recipes and her raw journey. Since New Year, Julia has decided to go 100%, struggling to find balance whilst still cooking meals for her family. I listened with interest and felt how each persons relationship with raw is so different. I feel my honeymoon period has finished, whilst hers is just beginning. We swapped comfort food recipes and she gave me some of her coconut keffir culture in a little jar (I have had great fun growing it, making quite a big batch. I am now experimenting with sesame mylk keffir, watch this space)!

She showed us round the farm, it is a dairy farm with plenty of vegetables too, however, at this time of year there isn’t much to see. The cows were beautiful, they also have pigs. The farm shop is a busy little hub, serving the surrounding villages and nearby Forest Row. They sell raw dairy, vegetables, fruit (some of which is from Biodynamic farms abroad) bread, cakes…..the usual..

Julia wants to stock my brownies, as there is a thriving raw food community in the area, plus, who could resist the temptation of ‘healthy chocolate”???!

Last week I discovered a fabulous new vegan café, on an old route master bus in Brewer Street, Soho. The guys running it are very genuine and radiate great energy. I spoke to the owner and he wants samples tomorrow, of chocolate pies and chocolate spread. I have been busy all day today, developing recipes. My housemate, Claire, was more than willing to lick the spoon, as a guinea pig!

I have also just had my first orders from Spitalfields Organic in Commercial Street and De Beauvoir Deli in Hackney. Watch out for Coxeter’s Fayre goods in the next couple of weeks.

I invested in some fancy new commercial catering scales and a label printing machine last week. Oh, the little things that please....!

Gaggle are going from strength to strength. Exciting plans afoot and the imminent single launch. We were featured in The Times last week. It was a piece on the rise of the alternative choir. Those girls are so important to me. Mondays are like some kind of dysfunctional family gathering/slumber party, choral knees up. It also serves as gossip session/group therapy and a chance for us to swap our talents. Anyone for a reiki session in exchange for some raw chocolate, or a dress alteration in exchange for some legal advice?!

I have been eating lots of seasonal greens and cabbage. I try to ferment it but can never seem to wait long enough before devouring it! I have also enjoyed some lightly steamed greens and some raw Sheep’s cheese from the farm. Of course, sweet tooth ever present, I have also been devouring my own chocolates and some samples that Amy (rawlikelion) had from windmill organics. They make lovely brownies, unfortunately they use stabilised oats, but they are tasty, and not too heavy. Chia porridge is still a firm favourite, in the winter months. Soak the chia seeds overnight, then blend with Yacon, Maca and stir in goji berries and pollen. Coconut oil or flax oil makes it more luxurious. It is also lovely blended with apple and cinnamon. I made a lovely hemp mayonnaise, from Kate Wood's 'Raw Magic'. Shelled hemp seeds blended with garlic, lemon juice, olive oil and Maca. Yum.

My USA trip plans are SLOWLY coming together. I’m very excited but need to focus and work out exactly what I want to do and see in the short time I will have. I am trying to connect with the Raw community in LA and San Fran, I hope to spend some time in one or two of the restaurants, watching the chefs and what magic they are creating! I also intend on meeting and staying with some friends who live there, a couple of girls I know who are very talented and creative fashion designers. We share a love of all things 1970’s. I hope they will show me all the best thrift stores and take me on adventures in the Hills and bays of California…May re-read 'Im with the band', for a dose of trashy but evocative inspiration.


Been d.j'ing again which is fun. I love discovering all my old records. Also, went to see the new blur film "No distance left to run'. Brought back many teenage memories and also some memories of being in Strange Idols. A bit too close to Spinal Tap for comfort! Ha!

Reading-wise, I finished a pile of books at Christmas and am awaiting new inspirational reading material to come my way. Enjoying watching 'The London nobody knows' again. Getting ideas for songs and photos.

I am also planning and looking forward to doing some deep cleansing in March. I really feel the need to fast and do a liver flush. Sorry if you are reading this whilst eating dinner! Anyway, I found Barbara Wren's book 'Cellular awakening' very interesting (if a little whacky in parts). It does all make sense, however, no matter how much it reminded me, my water intake is till not good enough! Bring on warm weather. California, here I come!

Today I feel kind of, well, I don’t know, watch this. It was my soundtrack to this morning’s workout session!

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