Saturday, 9 January 2010

"Oh, I do like to be beside the seaside"

I just got back from a few snow- filled days in Brighton!

I spent my time visiting a few friends whilst trying to keep warm! Unfortunately Manna was not open so wasn’t able to go and see those guys, shame as I was looking forward to trying some of their nice food. I had also planned to visit a Biodynamic farm, called Plaw Hatch farm in Forest Row, however, due to the snow, I couldn't get there. Another time.

My good friend Matt and I bravely walked through the icy streets, skidding and slipping all over the place. He took me to an exhibition in an old library. I dragged him into several of my favourite antique/junk shops in the Lanes. Just as we were gasping for a cup of tea, we discovered a new- ish place called 'Aloka', a 'Quality of life centre', as they called it(!) They have a therapy room and serve some raw food…I sampled the blueberry pie. The atmosphere was quite ‘clinical’ and could have been a little more ‘abundant’ on the food side of things, however, the staff were friendly and the fact that there is 'more raw' in Brighton is a good thing!

We walked to the beach and saw the bird's foot prints in the snow! I bumped into the lovely Amy Star in the Lanes and she invited me over to her place . That evening i ventured out into the thick snow, to her cosy house and shared a meal with her and her housemates. We had kale salad, red cabbage salad, mulberries and apricots and of course, some chocolate (Amy used to work for The Raw chocolate company)! I was fascinated by her collection of crystals and her collection of mushroom ornaments (I too, have a Fungi obsession!) a lovely evening…

I had a really nice day at Mandy’s house. Mandy is a talented lady-

she makes dolls…amongst other things. Her flat is filled with a collection of curios & treasures, displayed so beautifully. I got snap happy! We both share a passion for all things vintage, obscure and unique….

A proper girly time was had in her kitchen, whilst catching up. We made some kale chips, a salad and some super- food truffles with Goji berries, figs, almonds, cacao nibs, fresh coconut meat, cinnamon and honey. Mandy showed me some amazing herbs, spices and berries brought back from Iran. She described some of the dishes and sweets her family make, I was salivating and thinking of ways to make raw versions. In Iran they use Persian rose petals in savoury dishes. They smell divine. I also tried Barberries for the first time. They are like mini sour cherries.

That evening, Matt and I went to see ‘Nowhere boy' at The Duke of York’s. Its very good, made me cry….!

My few days in Brighton were punctuated by wheatgrass shots from Guarana bar (I couldn’t find anywhere in Brighton for a good juice, crazy!) I also resorted to some cooked vegan food….Beetroot and lentil stew, aubergine and chickpea curry and porridge with berries, made by my dear friend Matt. I felt good eating this food. My spleen felt happy and it helped warm me up, Matt’s flat isn’t exactly warm….! I couldn’t get over the weather. It hardly stopped snowing all week. Before I left, I stocked up on some lovely organic vegetables, pure water and a couple of Kate Magic's chocolate bars from Infinity foods. I arrived home to find there was no heating or hot water. So, I promptly brewed some tonic tea and filled a water bottle….!

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  1. Lovely Brighton, lovely raw food and lovely vintage goodies. Couldn't ask for a sweeter blog!