Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Hello friends. Last night was Kate Magic's talk at Inspiral lounge. I made some notes and got some good information and reminders. We all know we should drink more water, but it is good to be reminded! Kate drinks 4 litres a day (including mylks, teas and juices) so today, i have already had 2 pints of lemon water and am going to make a litre of chia mylk, with added liquid mineral drops, cinnamon, purple corn, suma and Reishi.
Reishi was another thing she spoke lots about. I have had some in my cupboard for a while and keep forgetting its there! It is believed to be fantastic for the immune system, so im going to go reishi crazy, may even make a reishi- mushroom 'gravy' for xmas (warmed gently).
Warming your food is also what she spoke about. It is important in the winter to take in warm, nurturing foods. In Chinese medicine, it is believed the spleen can suffer if one is to eat too much cold, damp food. Things like green juice (especially cucumber) are good for you, however, can unbalance you in the cold weather. Warming foods in the dehydrator or porringer, adding ginger, cinnamon, garlic, chilli etc is a great way to balance out the 'yin'.

Im off to meet my lovely musician friend Rachel today at The Alchemy centre for lunch (the 'Tree of life' trained chef there is very lovely, i met him a month ago, he had made delicious lucuma mango cake and made an amazing green juice for me. He told me all about T.O.L, sounds like heaven there).
Anyway, then i must finish off a few jobs here.....I feel I am slowly ticking off lots of jobs. Being surrounded by bits of paper, notes and lists is making me muddled! My packaging is nearly finished and tomorrow Im going to start a 3 day mammoth un-cooking session, in preparation for this weekends markets! Yay!

Other news- I am in talks with the lovely proprietor of Earth natural foods in Kentish town. He wants me to do a chocolate making workshop there in January. Watch this space. I am also taking samples to a stylish new deli in Hackney next week, so fingers crossed i can win them over with my chocolates!
Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have a local shop/cafe/deli that you think would welcome my products!!!

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