Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Last night was crazy! I was in the kitchen from 6.30 pm- this morning. I was working in the kitchen at the Laban centre (thanks Dawn)! I then woke up at 9am to prepeare for a trip to france. Gaggle are off to Rennes tomorrow to play an industry festival. 2 nights away....Woop!

Last night I made (with the help of my good friend Amy, AKA 'Raw Like lion'):

170 Blondie truffles, 80 chocolate truffles, 50 Spiced raisin chocolates (covered in red edible glitter), 70 maca maca truffles and last but not least my Emerald city creation, which turned out exactly like an old favourite of mine, Mint Aero!!!
This morning i have been catching up on jobs and errands, managed to make some beetroot burgers to take to France, along with some nori rolls, juice, almond mylk and fresh fruit salad (yes, i know they have food in France but on the motorway, on a coach, you would be suprised how difficult it is to eat well, let alone raw!)

Recipe for burgers:

2 cups ground flax
1 cup hemp seeds
cup of chopped beetroot
dash olive oil
2 tbs cumin
splash of tamari
pinch of pink salt
1 red pepper
3 sticks celery
1 clove garlic
3 carrots
half head of broccoli
sprinkle of nutritional yeast flakes

blend all in a powerful blender, then dollop into silicone muffin trays (i also did a larger butterfly loaf, to share) and decorate with crystal manna and goji berrys

dry for about 16 hours (remove from moulds after about 5 hours)so they are still moist in the middle.

So, now I have to start packing for my trip and catch up on emails (am ordering my first batch of business cards and stickers)! Will try and go to my spinning class later...I must be mad!

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