Monday, 14 December 2009

Well, what a weekend!

On saturday, my mum and I met at East Grinstead station. I went up on the train, my trolley loaded with goodies. We drove to The Steiner school in Forest Row, where a monthly market takes place. It was so utterly charming, people selling homemade goods. Crafts, wooden items, toys, hand dyed textiles, homemade lotions and potions, books, there was even a room offering reflexology and other therapies. It was a totally inspiring place, the most beautiful building and surrounding countryside.
We set up our stall and over the course of the day, met so many lovely people, with a genuine interest in the products. People who really appreciated hand made things and of course an appreciation for nutritious food.
I packed Mum and I a lunch of parsnip curry, alfalfa sprouts and a beetroot & flax loaf. There was a sweet little canteen outside, where they were serving homemade soup. I got such a warm feeling, I bet the children who go to this school get such a wonderful, nurturing eduucation and creative experience. The children I met on saturday all seemed so grown up and well behaved, not to mention artistic and a little 'old fashioned' (in a good way)!
I also met a lady who runs a bio-dynamic farm nearby, she happened to be a raw foodist and we chatted about her farm, the abundance of amazing produce she has and she told me about the apprenticeships she runs ( I have to say, I am very tempted) There is a possibility of me doing some workshops at her farm shop and she sounded interested in stocking my goods. January is going to be a busy month, following up all these exciting opportunities.

So, at the end of the day, having SOLD OUT of most of my goods, we packed the car and headed back to my house in London, where we re-packed the car for sunday and had a well-earned rest!
Oh, forgot to mention, I bought some handmade christmas fairies, made of silk, and some little felt gnomes. Mum and I also bought a salt lamp each. They generate healthy ion and bioenergetic vibrations which improve air quality. And pretty too!

Sunday morning was an early start. We arrived at Sunday 'Up market' early (too early) It was cold, we huddled in the car till it opened (yes, we arrived before ANYONE else)!!! Finally we were let in. We loaded in the boxes, then got a cup of 'real' mint tea to warm up!
Mum and I had great fun setting up the stall ( we had lots more space today) and laid out all the cakes and chocolates on pretty cake stands and plates. We stood and chatted to our fellow market traders, so many talented, enterprising people.
I made sure we put plenty of samples out for people to try, always a winner! Towards lunchtime, I panicked that I hadn't made enough stuff!!!
Lunch today was a lovely rainbow salad from Rainforest creations, a raw -food stall in Spitalfields market.
Again, we met lots of lovely people and received so much positve feedback. I sold lot's of things to Vegans, who's eyes lit up when they saw a stall selling vegan chocolate (seems there is a gap in the market?!)
Mum and I were pooped at the end of the day. We packed up for the last time, drove back to mine, unpacked, washed up, drank echinacea tea and ate banana and hemp bread that I had put in the dehydrator the night before (mmm, warm banana bread, sprinkled with pollen, dunked in tea)!

Monday to take samples to a deli in Hackney. Then tonight, Gaggle have a photoshoot with The Times....!

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  1. well done,Laura! they all look very beautiful!!
    your mother hasn't changed at all! amazing.